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Heritage in Motion Awards 2016 - Ename 1290 nominated

On April 11, 2016, The 8 finalists for the Heritage in Motion Awards 2016 were announced. Visual Dimension has been nominated in the category "Games and Interactive Experiences" with the game Ename 1290

Heritage in Motion is an annual multimedia competition on themes related to Europe’s cultural and natural heritage for the creators and users of films, games, apps and websites. It celebrates the best multimedia achievements and products, raising public awareness about the outstanding value of Europe’s heritage in all its facets.
The finalists are competing for 4 Awards and one overall Best Achievement Award. The winners, selected by an international jury composed of multimedia experts and consumers, will be announced and celebrated at a ceremony on
20 May 2016 in Lesbos (Greece), during the annual conference of the European Museum Academy, founding partner of this initiative. The event will be held at the Museum of Industrial Olive-Oil Production.

Ename 1290 project is made in our TimeGate technology.  Have a look at our Ename blog to see new implementations of TimeGate and our other innovative technologies.

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