The mission of the heritage department of Visual Dimension bvba is to provide high-quality solutions for the virtual reconstruction, digital restoration and intuitive manipulation of digital heritage assets.

We obtain high quality solutions by staying abreast of a wide range of technologies that can be applied to cultural heritage, by striving for the most cost-effective implementation that can be maintained over a long period and by performing all required research to come to the most scientifically correct interpretations and representations.

We focus on mastering the 3D virtual reconstruction process of landscapes, human-made structures and objects in a documented and structured way.  This includes digital restoration and re-contextualisation of museum objects.  We have 20 years of experience in this field with projects all over Europe and Israel.  We document our virtual reconstruction projects through blogs (see the section on blogs).

We have invested heavily in developing innovative natural interaction and tangible interfaces for museums and have specialised in the online visualisation of 3D for digital libraries.